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Monk Paper Pink Hearts Lokta Stationery Box Set

Monk Paper Pink Hearts Lokta Stationery Box Set

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From Rural Himalayas

Our Lokta Papers are exclusively and traditionally hand - produced in the rural Himalayas of Nepal, using local labor and raw materials.

Acid Free Papers

These acid free papers are made with no electricity usage, no synthetic additives and most significantly, no trees destruction.

Renewable Source

The bark of the Lokta bush that grows at an altitude of 6500-9500 feet from sea level, is a renewable source with a capability to regenerate itself from the undamaged root system.

Monk Paper Pink Hearts Lokta Stationery Box Set
Monk Paper Pink Hearts Lokta Stationery Box Set

A perfect gift to express your love, come Valentine Day or any other day, the Monk Paper Pink Hearts Lokta Stationery Box Set is aesthetically beautiful and sturdy in built. The pink hearts pasted on the natural shade lokta cover of the journal makes it more suitable for the ladies. Whether it is your wife, daughter, sister, mother or your significant other, this is the ideal gift for her.

The hand crafted box, made of strawboard is firmly enclosed in natural shade lokta paper with heart-shaped cut-outs pasted on them. Inside, the box houses a stack of lokta envelopes and a bunch of natural hued lokta writing papers. The envelope bears matching linings similar to that of the box and has a big heart on the edge of its closure. The box lends aesthetic value to your writing desk and makes writing notes and sending them to your loved ones easy, valuable and convenient. To get this item for yourself is as wonderful a feelings as it is to give them to someone else.

You will be equally thrilled to gift this to others, as you will be when using it by yourself.


  • Portable, strong and light, Lokta paper is a perfect match for rollerball, ballpoint, pencil and color pens.
  • Natural shade cards.
  • Neither ruled nor lined lokta cards.
  • Features heart shaped cut-outs pasted on the envelopes and box cover.
  • Other attractive color options are available.
  • The box conveniently houses lokta cards and envelopes.
  • The durable box is handcrafted with strawboards and enclosed in lokta paper, inside and out.
  • The prints on the envelops and the outer of the box are the same.
  • Lokta paper are 100% natural, eco-friendly, germ-resistant, acid free and handmade.
  • Makes for a perfect gift.


  • A stack of 50 pieces of Lokta writing paper
  • A stack of 30 Lokta Envelopes with matching lining
  • A durable, handcrafted strawboard enclosed in printed lokta paper.


  • Box is 9.5" length X 7.25" width X 2" height.
  • Each envelope is A6 standard size.
  • Each paper is A5 standard size.
  • Weighs a mere 26.80oz.