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Monk Paper Tiger Pattern Boxed Lokta Notelet Set

Monk Paper Tiger Pattern Boxed Lokta Notelet Set

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From Rural Himalayas

Our Lokta Papers are exclusively and traditionally hand - produced in the rural Himalayas of Nepal, using local labor and raw materials.

Acid Free Papers

These acid free papers are made with no electricity usage, no synthetic additives and most significantly, no trees destruction.

Renewable Source

The bark of the Lokta bush that grows at an altitude of 6500-9500 feet from sea level, is a renewable source with a capability to regenerate itself from the undamaged root system.

Monk Paper Tiger Pattern Boxed Lokta Notelet Set
Monk Paper Tiger Pattern Boxed Lokta Notelet Set

With everything involving writing available in one convenient set, the Monk Paper Tiger Pattern Boxed Lokta Notelet Set leads the chart to being the most desirable stationery item. Plus, its bold, stunning tiger pattern imprints makes it a wonderful addition to any writing desk. The camouflage tiger prints add an empowering aura to the writing set and is inspirational too.

The notelet set comes with strawboard built box that is enclosed in the tiger patterns lokta paper. Inside you will find a stack of matching lokta notelets and non-dyed lokta envelopes. The notelet set comes in handy when you need to write a thank you or congratulations note to someone. Although people might prefer electronic mails and texts that can be sent in a jiffy, there is something primitive and thoughtful about handwritten notes that are far more appreciated.

You will be equally thrilled to gift this to others, as you will be when using it by yourself.


  • Portable, sturdy and light.
  • Lokta paper is a perfect match for rollerball, ballpoint, pencil and color pens.
  • Natural shade cards.
  • The lokta notelets have tiger patterns on the outside and are neither ruled nor lined on the inside.
  • Attractive color options.
  • Lokta cards and envelopes are conveniently accommodated in the box.
  • The durable box is handcrafted with strawboards and enclosed in printed lokta paper, inside and out.
  • The envelopes are lined on the inside in matching brown color as the box
  • The prints on the envelops and the outer of the box are the same.
  • Lokta paper are 100% natural, eco-friendly, germ-resistant, acid free and handmade.
  • Makes for a perfect gift.


  • A stack of 15 folded lokta cards with a screen printed outer.
  • The same number of lokta envelopes with matching lining.
  • A durable, handcrafted strawboard enclosed in printed lokta paper.


  • The box is 7.25 “ length X 5" width X 2" height
  • The envelopes are A6 standard size.
  • The cards are A5 standard Size.
  • Weighs a mere 8.45 oz.