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Monk Paper Batik Mosaic Hard Cover Lokta Scrap Book

Monk Paper Batik Mosaic Hard Cover Lokta Scrap Book

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From Rural Himalayas

Our Lokta Papers are exclusively and traditionally hand - produced in the rural Himalayas of Nepal, using local labor and raw materials.

Acid Free Papers

These acid free papers are made with no electricity usage, no synthetic additives and most significantly, no trees destruction.

Renewable Source

The bark of the Lokta bush that grows at an altitude of 6500-9500 feet from sea level, is a renewable source with a capability to regenerate itself from the undamaged root system.

Monk Paper Batik Mosaic Hard Cover Lokta Scrap Book
Monk Paper Batik Mosaic Hard Cover Lokta Scrap Book

The Monk Paper Batik Mosaic Lokta Hard Cover Scrap Book is what you need to freeze precious memories. Collect the pieces of memories captured in camera or relics from important days (movie ticket from your first date) and slap them on to the nude pages. Jot down a few words and you can always walk down the memory lane on a flip of a page.

The Batik Mosaic Lokta Hardcover Scrap Book features a strawboard cover which is firmly wrapped in a batik leaf lokta paper, to give the product its stunning look. The Batik paper is arguably one of the most sought after papers at Monk Paper. Achieved via a wax-resistant dyeing technique that promises unique colors and patterns, the paper also retains an attractive luster. The gorgeous hard cover houses bare and unpretentious handmade lokta paper attached via royal binding. Your memories will never be hazy in Monk Paper lokta Scrap Books because their germ-resistant quality will make sure everything remains intact for years and years to come.


  • The scrapbook has a royal binding where the pages are hand-stitched with the cover.
  • Portable, sturdy and flexible.
  • Slim but comfortably heavy.
  • Works well with rollerball, ballpoint, pencil and color pens.
  • 24 deckle edge Lokta sheets.
  • Pages are neither ruled nor lined.
  • Natural shade smoothened leaflets.
  • Dynamic in function.
  • Transparent stamped Batik leaves on the cover.
  • Bi-fold standard cover.
  • Lokta paper are 100% natural, eco-friendly, germ-resistant, acid free and handmade.
  • Cover is entirely handmade with strawboard, enclosed in colored lokta paper with block printed with hot wax and hot pressed to eschew stickiness
  • Features a batik mosaic cover which is colorful and fun.


Strawboard made cover, enclosed in colorful and printed lokta paper: Durable and sturdy.
Entirely hand-crafted, acid-free, germ-resistant, organic Lokta sheets that have been smoothened to work brilliantly with ballpoint pens and color pencils.


  • 14.5" length X 14.5" breadth.
  • A might total of 24 deckle edged heavy pages.
  • Weighs a mere 38.80 oz.