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Monteverde Erasable Ballpoint refill - Parker Style - Blue Medium

Monteverde Erasable Ballpoint refill - Parker Style - Blue Medium

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From Rural Himalayas

Our Lokta Papers are exclusively and traditionally hand - produced in the rural Himalayas of Nepal, using local labor and raw materials.

Acid Free Papers

These acid free papers are made with no electricity usage, no synthetic additives and most significantly, no trees destruction.

Renewable Source

The bark of the Lokta bush that grows at an altitude of 6500-9500 feet from sea level, is a renewable source with a capability to regenerate itself from the undamaged root system.

Ballpoint Refill in Blue color gives the option to the user for making the document written in blue. Monteverde is now offering an erasable ballpoint refill that has been reinvented to now be a universal fit for a wide range of ballpoint pen brands from around the world. This erasable Parker Style international refill, a design which has become the standard ballpoint refill design used in many of today’s most popular ballpoint pens, offers the permanence of ink, with the convenient ability of quickly and easily freed of mistakes.