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Privacy Policy

Monk Paper comprehends the confidentiality of the information provided by you to us. Thus, we practice all the measures to maintain the discretion and meet the finest standards concerning your utmost security and safety.

This Privacy Policy explains how Monk Paper and our associate Pen Boutique accumulate and employ the information about you. The Privacy policy is subjected to change with time and under various circumstances. In case of any amendments, you might or might not be notified of the changes. Also, we would like to request you to keep an eye on our website for any updates.

This website is managed by Monk Paper and this privacy policy applies to all the users of this website, including the users who are not registered with us or are just browsing this site.

Personal data, here, means the information on the basis of which a user can be identified – his/her name, address, email address, telephone number, banking information, card details to various other information that you provide to us voluntarily.

We kindly request you to read the privacy policy thoroughly before you shop online to understand how we use or share the personal data that you provide to us.

The information we share:

For the fulfillment of your order and shipping, a necessary portion of your information is shared with our affiliates. We process your orders via reliable sources like Fedex, UPS and USPS. To find out more about their privacy policy, please visit their respective sites.

Your credit/debit card information:

The information regarding your card is sent to Payment Merchants like Visa, Amex, MasterCard for payment process. The fact that they follow the highest security standards makes them a trustworthy party for any payment procedure. Also, all the information directed to their site from our site is via Comodo Secure agent. None of your credit/debit card information is lodged in a disk or anywhere by our company. Only your credit card company merchant has access to this information.

Monk Paper solely reserves the right to employ authorized third parties for their services in improving the operational website, widening our market reach and to provide customer care and support. In cases as such, the authorized third parties will have an access to certain personal information in order to improve your shopping experience.

In exceptional cases, Monk Paper may also be obliged to provide information to law enforcement inquiries or government officials. Hereby we retain the right to disclose any personal information and data to law enforcement agencies, without prior consent of the customer, if it is demanded in regards to any criminal, fraudulent or general inquiry.

Cookie details:

Cookies refer to information stored in the computer’s hard disk that improves sessions and remembers certain facts. This feature doesn’t include storing sensitive information such as credit card number or security codes. Instead, it adds to your shopping experience by helping the website to remember you the every time you browse our site. It also keeps track of the items on shopping cart, store address, if you select the Remember Me Option. You also have the option to block cookies if you are not fond of them. Blocking options hugely depend on the browser you are using. If you stumble across any inconvenience during shopping because of the cookies, feel free to contact us. When placing an order via phone, keep the SKU number shown on the product ready.

Email dilemma:

We ask for your email address in order to allow you to subscribe to newsletters or to keep you updated regarding order processing/tracking information. When you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive mails from Monk Paper regarding the latest product offers or sales and contests throughout the year. You can easily opt out of the subscription by sending us an “unsubscribe” reply mail to any subscriptions you encounter. We understand the displeasure of getting junk mails in the inbox, so we assure you that you will be receiving none from our end. Also, we are not in the habit of disclosing or sharing email addresses with other agents.

Privacy Policy changes:

If you are wondering about privacy policy changes and its notification, then Monk Paper would like to inform that we reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time and situation, with or without notification. Also, we will not be informing customers individually regarding any changes: addition, removal or modification of the policy. Changes will be made to the website, thus we request our customers to be up-to-date with the privacy policies.

About Policy Pertaining to Gift Certificate:

When it comes to gift certificates, we require you to provide your name, physical address and email address. Hereby, the email address provided will not be used for any sort of subscription. And the physical address is shared only with delivery agents for the sole purpose of handing down the gift certificate.

Children related policies:

One has to be above 18 years to use this site. If you are under 18 years old we advise you to use our services under your parents’ or guardian’s supervision. Any information about visitors who are under 18 years of age will be automatically discarded.

Product Review Information:

We, at Monk Paper believe in honest reviews, hence we provide our customers with opportunities to share their shopping experience and product usage with our prospective customers. When you decide to post a review, you will be requested to enter your name, email address and geographical location. While the email address will be discreet, your name and location will be visible to other users. For your own good, we strongly suggest you not to disclose any personal information of yours within the review. We are not responsible for any problems that revelation of such information might cause you. Also, use of obscene language in any review will not be tolerated. Monk Paper reserves the right to change or delete your review in the event of abusive language usage.

Your consent:

By using our site, you approve to our privacy policy.

Terms and conditions:

For more information on the terms and conditions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

More questions?

You can contact the Monk Paper staff at with your queries and concerns regarding privacy policies and security.

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