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Wholesale Option

Wholesale Option

Monk Paper has been an active advocate for lokta papers and has been promoting the use of the 100% green papers since day one. And now, we are pleased to introduce our new Wholesale Department on our website.

We encourage like-minded partners, who can tether with us in our journey, to promote the use of 100% green, natural and safe Lokta papers. The availability of wholesale opportunity is beneficial to our prospective clients who can order Monk Paper products in bulk and enjoy discounts in the pricing advertised online. Please fill in the contact form below to give us a nudge and learn more about the wholesale pricing and options. 


More Order, More Discounts

The pricing advertised online will automatically drop as the totals in the shopping cart increase. If you order is under the tiers decided by Monk Paper, you cannot entertain further discounts in price but you can still cash into the custom labeling option, without having to pay for more products that you cannot sell.


Custom Labeled Product

You can order a single Monk Paper Leather Journal if that is all you need, or order NEW product templates; you can order with or without labels. And while doing so be glad by the fact that all these facilities are at your service without any minimum order restrictions.


Details on Discounts

By now you know that you are getting charged lower than the fair advertised online on our products. The prices listed on products online are for retail shoppers to which we give further discounts if the order is larger.

If orders on qualifying product reaches $XXX.00, your final amount will be reduced to approximately $XXX.00 as you break in the first tier price.

Orders will get direct product pricing – XX%

If orders placed are above $XXX.00, you will be entertained with direct product pricing -XX%

If orders placed are above $XXX.00, you will be entertained with direct product pricing -XX%

Discounts you receive will automatically be updated as the total in your shopping cart increases. These discounts will be automatically visible within the cart.

Note: The above mentioned discount is not applicable to Bulk Products and Accessories, Gift Boxes and Custom Labeling Services.

IMPORTANT Note: Our terms of sale has to be a part of you terms of sale if you plan on selling these purchases in any manner. Please read and understand our terms of sale carefully before making any purchase with us on a wholesale level.