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A Heartfelt Note

Jun 28, 2017

The last time I received a hand written note was a few months ago. It was from my cousin sister. While she could have instantly texted me the same words via mobile, she chose to write down a note and leave it on my bed pillow. She had just scribbled a funny incident that happened to her that day and how she wished I were there to laugh with her. I did laugh, heartily too, well not along with her but I lived the moment she described. And I still have that note slapped on my journal, and every time I come across it I am reminded of the moment, the emotion and I laugh out loud again.

That is the undeniable charm of handwritten notes and cards. They have the acute power to transcend the physical barriers and transport people back in time, to the moment when it all happened. A lot of this has to do with the handwriting. It is a part of a person and so whenever you see any handwriting you immediately feel connected to the person it belongs to. I remember incidents from school, where students forgot to write their names in the assignment. And it took just a look at the handwriting to know whom it belonged to; as if we were sniffing a perfume to guess its name. Well, you just cannot expect to experience the same thing with electronic messages or mails. Here is an example.

If a friend of mine sends in a text message from a new number and forgets to write his/her name on it, I will have the most difficult time figuring out who it was from. I might not even ponder over it for a long time. But if the same thing ought to happen with a handwritten text on a sticky note, the scenario will be different. Plus, I find the easy access technology provides a little shallow. Overtime, the joy of receiving a text from someone loses importance because, well, it is so easy. I am not an avid tech savvy, hence my argument maybe totally biased, but this is my personal opinion.

There is no more joy than to receive a card from a loved one, with words that have been written by them, even when the handwriting is pathetic. The excitement of finding a note slapped on the fridge that says, “Have a great day” is so much real than finding the same thing in the inbox.  Let me just say that it is romantic. And it will be a cold day in hell before electronic messages win over handwritten notes. That is why when I came across the Monk Paper Boxed  Lokta Notelet Set, I made it a point to order it immediately.

The Notelet Set is entirely handmade, which includes strawboard made box, enclosed in handmade lokta paper. This houses a stack of natural shaded lokta cards and the same number of envelopes. The impressive feature of this set is its usage and convenience. Since, the box holds everything you need within it, you don’t have to fumble for a decent paper to write down the message and then find an envelope that will fit it. What I have done is that I have customized the box with additions of a good rollerball pen and a ribbon roll. This saves me the time to find a pen when I am in a hurry and want to write a short wish to someone. I just tie a ribbon around the note at the end to make it a little more special.

Besides the convenience the set provides, it also lifts up the spirit of my writing table. I’ve had friends and colleagues notice it and ask about it. I know I am making it sound as if it is the best gadget out in the market, but that is how fantastic it is. It is a humble stationery but done perfectly. I love using it and have frequented my habit of sending handwritten birthday wishes, congratulations note and the likes: Gives me more reason to write, more reason to share and more reason to smile.

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