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Making Halloween Crafty

Jun 28, 2017

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize your neighborhood
These chilling words from Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" could not resound truer than on Halloween. And with the day of ghosts and ghouls just around the corner, we bring you some creepily interesting decors you can do by yourself to spook up your house.

 Don’t throw away the empty jam and Nutella jars yet. Clean them dry and apply enamel paint of orange or yellow on the inside until dense. Tape one side of the jar on the outside and cut out shapes for eyes and mouth with a paper cutter. Paint those hollow spaces with black enamel. Peel off the tape once the paint dries. Securely tie a wire around the mouth of the jar. Take another piece of wire, long enough to make a handle, and tie each end to the one tied around the jar. Fill it with treats and hand them to little trick –or- treaters or gift them to guests when the party is over.

Ghostly milk jug lanterns
Save the milk jugs for the big evening. Clean them dry and draw funny or scary faces on the flat side with a black marker. Make each face different than the other: some friendly like Casper, and others not so friendly. Throw in a string of fairy lights into the jar from its mouth or make a hole on the bottom and push in the lights from there. Keep these jug lanterns in a row on the porch or on the walking lane or randomly inside the house; they are sure to give some goose bumps either way.

Potion jars
Halloween is a special day for the witches too. To remember that, bring out empty wine bottle, perfume bottles and whisky bottle. Clean them up and spray paint them black. Try putting on a few coats of spray paints, to give it a dark, matte look. Cut out paper in fancy shapes and write cool potion names such as Dragon Poison, Giggle Dust, Beautification Potion and such. I personally like to use lokta papers since they are sturdy and have this rustic, medieval look. Paste them on the bottle if possible or run a thread in them and tie it at the neck of the bottle. Throw some confetti around where you would like the bottles to be showcased, for a touch of magic.

Glowing eyes
This is one of my all time favorites. You will have to work for this a few months prior to the main event. Keep saving toilet paper rolls for this day. Trace spooky eyes in the rolls and cut them to make a hollow opening. Buy some glow-in-the-dark sticks and put one inside each roll. Stash these glowing eyes inside bush and shrubs around the house, and watch the scare they pull off with trick-or-treaters.

Bat mobile 
You will need a short (or long, if you wish) tree branch, some stationery supplies such as thick papers, strings, paint, paintbrush and very little craft skills for this one. Spray paint the branch completely black. While it dries, take a thick (black, if you can) paper (slightly thicker than usual paper) and outline a bat. Cut it to the shape and use the same to make other cut outs of bats. Pierce a hole at where the head of the bat is supposed to be and run long threads through it. Hang them all in the branch and put the branch in an appropriate area of the room, with the bats looking as if they are flying in a colony. Creepy, I know.

Pumpkin balloons
This one is very easy. Just get a handful of yellow and orange balloons. Fill them with helium and tie a long string to it. Draw weird faces on them with permanent black marker (something similar to those carved on a pumpkin) and tie them on the staircase or on the table to give that eerie feeling to the house.

Broomstick drink stirrers
If you are throwing a party on Halloween, then this is an impressive element to pull off. Get some creased paper which is easily available in any stationery. Fold a sheet multiple times and cut one side into strips without cutting all the way through. Now, roll the uncut edge of the paper to one end of a wooden skewer and secure it with a roll of thread or tape. Ta-da!!! Your witch broomstick drink stirrer is ready to spellbind your guests.

Décor strings
Take a strong string for this. Cut think papers (preferably black) into desired shapes of spiders, witches, bats, pumpkins, cats and more. Paste each, different cutout on the string in a row. Add a tiny bell at the bottom end of the string and hand rows and rows of these at the door or anywhere you please. It will definitely add a nice touch to the Halloween decoration of the house.

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